Sport Mediation

The KW Sports Council partnered with Community Justice Initiatives in 2001 to create the Sport Mediation and  Reconciliation Team (SMART).

This was done in response to needs expressed by sports clubs about resolving sport-related disputes in a confidential, safe, and positive setting.

“Due to the competitive nature of sports, arguments can easily escalate out of control. CJI helps to diffuse negative situations involving players, parents, coaches, sports administrators, officials, and other stakeholders so that they collaborate on a productive resolution.”

Community Justice Initiatives provides trained, volunteer mediators to help deal with sports conflicts and provides training to prevent sport-related disputes from escalating.

It’s an opportunity for leagues to reduce anger and for parents to be directly involved in resolving disputes.

For more information please contact

Jason Spencer,  Mediation Program Coordinator     Phone:519-744-6549 x 120

Community Justice Initiatives.

Author: Nadina Ayer, Ph.D.

Nadina Ayer, Ph.D. is a former varsity tennis player, a high-performance tennis coach, and a co-founder of Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy with many years of volunteering and working experience in the public and private sport sector. Nadina currently works as a lecturer (academic) in the Department of Sport and Event Management at Bournemouth University in Poole, UK. Her research focuses on interpersonal and online group dynamics, participation and leadership in sport, and management of sport and outdoor recreation (e.g., community sport volunteers). She teaches courses on principles of sport management, managing sport for development, quality assurance, and inclusive programming. In her leisure time, she enjoys volunteering, exploring new places, and exercising outdoors. She cares about causes related to animal welfare and human rights and is an active supporter of organizations such as KW & Stratford Humane Society, Right To Play, and UN Women.