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Coaching Parasport

Learn more about how to become a Parasport Coach and Mentor.  Watch the video, complete a survey for a chance to win a $25.00 gas card. For more information on ways to get involved in Parasport visit CAO: Coaching in Parasport. 

One in Nine:  A toolbox building workshop for coaches, instructors and volunteers

Calling all coaches, instructors, and volunteers!!!

Are you familiar with the “Surprise” participant?  The child who struggles to join in or follow along?  Would you like to have a bigger toolbox of strategies and facilitation techniques to help engage that hard to engage child?

One in Nine children in Ontario have an identified special need, and they want to participate in your programs too!

One in Nine is a practical toolbox building workshop to help you develop strategies for supporting children who struggle to participate in community recreation programs.  You will learn about:

  • Rapport and relationship building tips to engage the hard to engage child
  • Facilitation techniques to help all children understand and follow instructions
  • Strategies to help transitions go smoothly
  • Approaches to support positive communication with parents and caregivers
  • Safe ways to prompt and assist in our “no touch” society
  • Engaging and supporting volunteers

When:  Saturday, November 24th from 9am to 1pm

Where:  KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, 500 Hallmark Dr. Waterloo

Cost:  Free!

To register:

Hosted by the KW Sports Council, Accessible Sport Committee

Click here for workshop flyer

Request a workshop or training session
Get in touch with us to let us know what topics your coaches, instructors and/or volunteers would benefit from learning more about.  Potential workshop topics include:
    • The ABCs of Inclusion
    • Managing behaviours in inclusive environments
    • Communication with participants and parents
    • Adapting your program
    • And more!

Contact Meg at or 519-886-8886×1302