safeTALK Workshop Opportunity

The Kitchener Sports Association is encouraging minor sports groups to host a “safeTALK” workshop — at no charge!
Through the generosity of Kitchener Sports Association and the Rotary Club of Kitchener-Westmount, and in collaboration with Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council, minor sports organizations are encouraged to host a “safeTALK” workshop for their leadership and stakeholders.
The “safeTALK” workshop, as outlined at the Tuesday Feb. 21 KSA dinner meeting, is a certified learning opportunity to prepare those attending to become more aware of the signs of suicide, and to share tips on dealing with this sensitive issue. (In sports, with the stress to achieve and perform, the challenges to mental health are significant.)
Did you know? In Waterloo Region, the average for the last few years is an alarming 57 suicides per year… and the number of attempted suicides is much greater… and the number of those who consider suicide is significantly higher.
Many progressive organizations including the Ontario Hockey League, Ontario Hockey Association, Waterloo Region Police and KW Titans Professional basketball have provided these workshops as part of their philosophy of creating a positive support atmosphere for their stakeholders — players, coaches, employees, etc.
INVITATION:  KSA and Rotary are providing funding for a workshop for members of a local minor sports organization at “no charge” (regular fee is $55/participant). The minimum number of participants needed is 15, and it’s suggested that perhaps 2 or 3 minor sports collaborate to participate in a workshop.
For more information, please visit . For arrangements, contact John Thompson by Tuesday Feb. 28 or earlier at 519-884-4050 or